Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wine Bags and Pickle Ornament

Wine Bag #1
Wine Bag #2

Ok this blogger is giving me lots of grief!!!!  It won't let me stick the pictures where
I want them to go!  But anyway here are two of the wine bags and a picture showing what it looks like with a bottle in it.

Here are pictures of my pickle ornament.  This is sort of a gag gift for a friend.  He never knew about the German tradition of the pickle on the tree and was fascinated with trying to find the pick at my sister's house so he got the nickname Mr. Pickle.  When I found this ornament I just knew I had to stitch it for him.  It was a fast and easy one to do!

I was at a Walmart in Ashtabula, OH doing a job for work and I saw this display and thought it was pretty neat.  It's made out of Pepsi and Mountain Dew cases.  I also saw one of the Coca Cola bear made out of Coke cases but I was unable to take a picture of it.   I just thought this was pretty neat for the holidays.

 I have a wonderful customer that I deal with at least once a month on the phone.  Although I have never met him in person he can really make me laugh and turn a rotten day into a good one.  He works for Schwebel Baking Company which makes bread and buns.  On Friday I received this shirt in the mail from him - it's really funny cause when I mention him my girls call him the "Buns Man" and then I get this shirt from it - pretty ironic - lol
And for my last picture on this blog update.   I was in Danbury, CT over the Thanksgiving weekend and we went shopping at the mall.  I just happened to run into the Grinch and had to have my picture taken with him!  He was so excited to get his picture taken with someone who was almost as tall as him and from someone who was from out of state.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!!!


  1. I love the wine bags! Someone spent some time on that display. It's cute. Cute pickle ornament too.

  2. Loving your wine bags & your ornament really made me chuckle.

  3. Love your wine bags! No #2 is my favorite!

  4. Love the bags and ornament! The t-shirt is so cute!

  5. everything looks good, the wine bag with the wine bottle make that extra touch

  6. Everything is absolutely lovely! Love those wine bags, what a great gift idea! Love your pic with the grinch are a beautiful lady!

  7. The wine bags are lovely and the pickle ornament is really great. Love the picture of you with the Grinch! Merry Christmas!!

  8. Blogger gives me grief too. Lets me comment on some blogs with blogger, but not today.
    Love the wine bags.... Take care!
    chris b from groups