Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Wow so hard to believe it is 2011 already. The year started out great but is going downhill in a quick hurry.  I have caught a cold and now its moving to my chest.  I think I either have the start of bronchitis or pneumonia.  All I do is cough, cough and cough.  It sure makes it a little hard to stitch when you are coughing.

For 2011 I have 3 major projects that must be completed by May.  I have a wedding sampler to be completed by March.

I was able to accomplish a lot on this yesterday.  I went to a Browns/Steeler football party.  Since I am not a football person I took this with me and stitched.  Since all I have to do is fill in the border this was the perfect thing to take with me cause I was able to stitch and talk to everyone at the same time.

Here is the first square out of 24 squares to be completed on a baby blanket.  This blanket will be for great niece / nephew that is due in April.   I have another great niece / nephew due in May so I will be doing two of these blankets.  It is a lot of stitching so I really need to get busy on these.  They are being stitched on Anna Cloth Afghan 18 count.  I am stitching them over 2.

Here is square #2.  This giraffe gave me a really hard time.  I had the hardest time with his legs.  He almost became a legless giraffe.

Here is square 3 and 4.  There are a total of 24 squares.  These patterns are from the EMS site and they are baby animals and baby zoo animals. 


  1. The stitched animals are so adorable! It's going be cute and well received. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Gorgeous projects. These animals are so very cute. Hope you're better soon

  3. Very nice job Janet! I hope you recover soon!

  4. Oh be careful with that bronchitis its nothing to play with. I had it so bad one time I had a hard time breathing. Love your work. Especially the afghan

  5. love the purple border on the marriage sampler & all the cute animals for your blanket. Keep up the wonderful work!