Thursday, May 6, 2010

What A Surprise!!

I was having a really bad day today (teenager problems and marriage problems) and I came home from work to find a package in the mail.  I opened the package to find this beautiful magnet handmade by my friend Carein and her husband.    Its hard to tell by the picture but it says September Aster.  September is my birthday so this is perfect for me.   This magnet matches the little pot that she made me that I keep my needles in.  Thank you so much Carein for making a bright spot in my yucky day!!

 This next picture is a cross stitch kit that I bought myself while I was at Walt Disney World last week with the high school band.  The kit is to mark the 35th anniversary of Disney.  Its hard to tell in the picture but is has Minnie and Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Jimminy Cricket, Dumbo on a Disney trolley.  I am not sure when I will start but it will be a fun one to stitch.  It is done on 14 count navy blue aida.

These 3 pictures are from Epcot.  The characters are all made from flowers.  The pictures don't show how beautiful they really are in person. 

I saw this shirt in the Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL.  For those of you who are cross stitchers you will truly understand the meaning of this shirt.    I loved it but didn't love the price of the shirt which was $35 so that's why its still hanging in the rain forest.

I was walking in the room where I keep my cross stitch floss and look what I found.  My cat Midnight thought that my container of floss would be a nice place  to take a seat.  She stayed in there all day.  She gave me a scare as she was missing for 3 days after I returned from Disney.  We do not have any idea where she was at but she decided she wanted back in the house last night before a thunderstorm hit.  She has not left Rachel's bedroom all day today - I don't know if she is just tired or too scared to leave the room for fear she will get lost again.  I am just glad to have her back!!

And last are two pictures of the kittens.  They are sure growing.  They are now 4 weeks old.  Time sure does fly.  We were keeping them in the clothes basket but they have learned how to climb out so we are now just tilting the basket to the side so that they can climb in to take a nap.

Nothing new on the stitching front as I have not picked up a needle in over two weeks.  I sure hope to find some time this weekend to stitch.  I am starting to get the shakes from withdrawals!!!!


  1. Ooo that looks like quite the stitch to start! And the kittens so sweet :)

  2. Love all the pics..and the kitties are growing so fast! Can't wait till you start the Disney kit, it'll be fun to watch it progress. Hugs!

  3. Love the Disney Pics! I'm looking foward to seeing your work progress onyour new kit. My, My, My.... Kitties are getting bigger everyday. They won't stay babies for long. Enjoy them while you can. Carein is such a Sweetie!
    Happy Stitching!

  4. what an awesome surprise. I love the kit that you bought

  5. Nice surprise! Love the new Disney XS and pics. :)

  6. That's a cute Disney kit. Looking forward to seeing it stitched up.