Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Kittens

Here are pictures of the kittens - they are 13 days old and are really growing.  I had them out of the box today and sitting on my lap.   Now they are tired and are sleeping.  I wore them out playing with them.

And this is Spooky my big guy.  He is not too happy that their are noisy kittens in "his" house.  He is the king here.  He got his name because he appeared at our house on Friday the 13th in October and disappeared and came back on Halloween.  He is solid black and has fangs.  His tail is only about 3 inches long - I think he got it cut off in a car door cause he loves to climb in cars.    Now with the kittens I have 6 black cats - sure hope that is not a sign of bad luck cause I love them all!!!


  1. They are so cute! My son would like the Gray one, and wants to know if you can mail it to him..LOL! Spooky does not look happy about all those kittens.

  2. Those kitties are so cute.

    We got a tortie colored cat on Halloween 14 years ago. We named her Punkin. She is back in Ohio with my friend. She loves living on a farm. I miss her and Albert very much.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. So cute! This is the first time I haven't had a kitty living with me in 35 years! Lost him last October. (Something about that month!)
    Just sneak one in a box and zip it over to me...LOL

  4. Black cats are fabulous, I have a huge one called Moe (I call him Mohair as he malts like mad & everyone ends up covered in Moe Hair!). As for 13th October.... thats always been my lucky number. I was born on Friday 13th October, was 13 on Friday 13th & 30 on Friday 13th... what a wonderful day it is :-)