Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WIP's - Hopefully Finishes in 2009

This is called Cowboy Cats. I started this about 6 years ago when I was just learning how to cross stitch. I can remember how hard I thought it was when I started it but now when I look at it, it's not really that hard of a pattern.

This is called Day's End by Dimensions. It is done on 18 count Aida

Faith, Hope and Love - this is a design from Cross Country stitching magazine. They have another one similar to this in another one of their magazines that I would love to do to match this one. I am doing this on 18 count Aida.

This is a birth announcement that I must get completed. I have been very frustrated with this pattern. I have had to do much frogging on it and now I despise working on it. The back of the cradle just didn't want to come together correctly. I really don't have much to do on it but I am going to have to force myself to complete it as I am doing this for another person who I make bibs for frequently.

This is called Twilight Bridge. It is one of the Gold Collection designs by Dimension. It is being done on 18 count ivory Aida.


  1. Well several of them are very close to completion. I think you should be able to get a couple off the UFO list in 2009!

  2. Your works are beautiful. Now that you have posted them you will hav eto complete them so we can see the fully finished.

  3. Great goals - and great stitching! Good luck with your 2009 goals.

  4. Your stitching is beautiful!! I bet you will get at least 2 of them completed this year. I am also a lover of CCS magazine and plan on getting some of the seasonal designs completed for this year. Keep stitching girl! :-)

  5. Hello, you've some lovely work in progress there. Nice to see someone else who likes the 'big pictures' type cross stitch, if you know what I mean ... And another aida stitcher too! :o)

  6. Do you know where I can get a copy/kit of Cowboy Cats. One of the cats looks exactly like a wonderful cat that I had who died at 16 years and I would love to stitch this item? My email is