Friday, December 26, 2008

My Daughters

This is a picture of my daughters, Rachel - age 13 1/2, Juliana - age 10 and Katie - age 17. This was my Christmas present from them. It was supposed to be a surprise but it was real funny watching them trying to keep it a secret about the day they were going to get the pictures taken.

This is my husband Ed - he's all excited because Santa brought him a new 50" Plasma TV for Christmas. In this picture he is programming the TV and because its an HDTV we are getting more channels that we used to get so he was very excited over that.

Here is a picture of my Christmas tree. It is done in 90% M&M's. Even the lights are M&M's. Next year I hope to have the whole tree done in M&M's if I can get enough ornaments. I would like to make some M&M ornaments in cross stitch but I can't find any patterns for M&M's and it makes me sad.

Below are 2 of my furbabies -Comet and Spooky. They have been sleeping under the Christmas tree ever since Santa has brought the presents. I think they are keeping guard over the presents. My other 2 cats Tic Tac and Midnight do not leave the bedrooms. Tic Tac and Midnight are females and Comet and Spooky are males and the males and females do not get along with each other so they stay in different sections of the house - you would think they were married to each other - the way they fight - lol


  1. Your girls are beautiful, what a wonderful present

  2. Your kids and furbabies are very cute!

  3. Picture of your girls is precious - such a sweet idea! My DH would doing the same happy dance - men & their toys!