Sunday, January 24, 2010

20 minute challenge and another finish

Today I challenged myself to cross stitch for at least 20 minutes.  I have been so involved in crocheting on my daughter's afghan that my cross stitching was kind of put on the back burner.  So I decided I would cross stitch for at least 20 minutes and then crochet.  Well my 20 minutes turned into 3 hours but I started and also finished a quilt square for Quilts for Older Children.  Now its time to crochet until bedtime!


  1. That's a wonderful finish!! Isn't it amazing what 20 minutes can do? Congrats!

  2. It's so cute, Janet - wonderful job!

  3. Congrats on your finish it is very nice.

  4. congrats on your finish... an excellent use of 20 minutes.

  5. I find myself trying to limit my stitchin' time to an hour or thing I know, it's midnight and I have to go to work in the morning! Yikes! It's not a hobby, it's an addiction...
    Happy Stitchin'...
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